Week 7: Black and White

So I decided to do a little switch-a-roo on which photo challenge I’m working with.  I’m still going to stick to the main one for the most part, but am taking lead from Jenna Martin’s photo challenge for this one.  Week 7 for the other challenge  just hasn’t worked itself out yet, but I wanted to keep the ball rolling.

Black and white — because you really can never have enough of these types of images.  I know, I know, I just did a Black and White Landscape post a few weeks ago, but oh well.  This one is going to be a little landscapey also, but it’s going to include two of my favorite things:  my newly learned panorama skills, and vacation 🙂

While sadly, I’m back in class, in the cooler Maryland climate, I still have all my warm memories of Florida from…well….Monday, and plenty of pictures to edit.  On of my favorite little places to go while I’m there is Sanford.  It’s a cute little lake front town with shops and a walk way right on the water.  Of course, it’s also one of my favorite photo places while I’m there, so I was snapping away last week.

The weather was a little gloomy my first day there, but I have to say, I think it made for a good backdrop and added a little drama.  You know I’m always looking for the old and abandoned, and I pass plenty of that whenever I’m in Florida.  While Sanford isn’t the place for that, per sey, they do have these old docks, which are kind of falling apart and are too far away for anyone to reach.  They’re useless, essentially, and I love them.  Sanford also has really great, old, trees, filled with Spanish moss, so I feel like that kind of follows the old and abandoned theme, don’t you?

It’s also fun to see all the different wildlife that comes to one little place.  There’s the usual suspects – the ducks and the Ibis — but then there were some new ones.  The “Common Grackle” made an appearance, and in great numbers.  I’ve never seen them at my little duck feeding spot before, but they definitely knew where the food was at!  There were swarms of them, and while they were “singing”, it became pretty clear as to how they got their name; they were pretty squawky.  At least what they lack in subtlety they make up for in beauty.  They were a deep black, but with patches of iridescent feathers that shined in the sunlight.  While you’re losing the interesting colors in these black and white photos, the shine comes through quite well.  I’m sure I’ll share some colorful versions of these photos sooner or later, anyways 🙂  So while I’m missing Florida, and busy planning my next vacation, enjoy the photos!

A Cold, Red, Surprise

Ok, so I slacked a little, well a lot, on the red project for last week.  I was thinking something along the lines of a Valentine’s day theme, but that really didn’t interest me.  Then….a great idea struck….but I don’t have the resources to do it!  I need a model, which is always tough to come by, particularly for this type of picture.  I also would want to sculp something ceramic, but don’t really know where to go for that, since it’s been a million years since I’ve worked with clay.  I’ll be working on it, but who knows when I’ll get a chance to do it, so maybe you’ll all get a “red” surprise some time later this year when I get a chance to do it!

So as a back up, since I ditched the v-day idea, was going to be to take pictures of some berries on this tree outside of my apartment.  I’ve photographed them before, but they’re just so cute, and perfect for the red theme.  Here are a few of the old pics.

It’s just the start of spring, and I think that’s why I like them so much!  So, again, with out my camera handy the other day, I headed out for class (when am I going to learn my lesson?).  I noticed a ton of these berries on the ground, and could hear birds chirping like crazy.  As I walked down the stairs I noticed that the trees were filled with robins.  So I pulled out my phone and tried to catch a few quick pics during their berry feeding frenzy.  They’re not the best pictures in the world, since they were after all taken with my phone, but you get the idea!  It was a nice surprise to see all these birds fluttering around, and I’m sure they were happy to find a good meal amidst all of the snowy weather we’ve been having lately.  Oh, and just to mention, all of the berries are gone now!  I guess they were hungry 🙂

Week 7: Red

Red.  It’s the color of love and passion.  The color of blood.  it’s vibrant, bold, attention grabbing, and so many more things.  It’s also the color that’s the focus of this week’s photo challenge.  I have some cute and playful ideas in mind, and assuming that this color was selected for the most recent holiday, Valentine’s day, I’m going to keep it in theme with that…sort of.  So I’m going to have fun with this week, and take the added time I’ll have to focus on the business side of this week’s challenge: marketing brainstorm.  I think I’ll take the approach of finishing up on a previous week’s project, in reaching out to vendors and galleries.  I sent a few emails before, and to be real, it wasn’t as much as I could have done.  So I’m really going to get out there, see what events are coming up, and apply!  So wish me luck, and in the meanwhile, enjoy a couple of “red” images that I’ve taken in the past!