Week 1: Self Portrait

Well what better way to start out the new year and the new challenge than by looking at myself. ¬†Oh, my favorite ūüėź ¬†Yes, I know you know, I kind of hate self portraits, but lucky for me I’m at the beach and with a good idea in hand! ¬†Well, I’m not at the beach, per se, but I am in Florida (woo hoo!), and went to the beach yesterday with the intentions of taking a “self portrait”.

So, like many of my other self portraits, this on is a little abstracted, if you will, and doesn’t show my face. ¬†When my friend was watching me shoot these, she was completely confused on how this constituted as a self portrait, but no where does it say that I have to take a picture of my face, does it? ¬†I suppose that’s what people typically think of, but when consulting my good ole friend, dictionary.com, it states that a portrait depicts “a likeness of a person, especially of the face, as a painting, drawing, or¬†photograph”…..but not specifically the face!

So with that, I happily took a few photos of myself, well, more specifically, my feet! ¬†You know I love the beach, and my toes in the sand, so I though, instead of torturing myself on vacation and trying to get a glamorous, gorgeous “selfie”, why not do something fun. ¬†So I snapped a couple pictures and ended up combining a few together. ¬†Photoshop is something that I really need to practice in, and not forget the little I have learned before the next semester starts in a couple weeks. ¬†So while I liked the bubbles and water of one image, I also liked all the little shells (coquina clams, or as I like to call them, baby clams) in another, and decided to join the two together to get the perfect little beach image. ¬†So enjoy! ¬†I had fun practicing, and hope that my composite isn’t too obvious. ¬†I’m happy with it, but I’ll keep practicing anyways ūüôā

bubbles and shells-2

A “Spooky” Biggest Fear

So as promised, I’m going to try to finish this year and 52 week challenge up with a bang! ¬†So when thinking of what could fit in to these categories, a “spooky” week 44 and “biggest fear” of a week 45, which most likely were¬†supposed to line up with Halloween, I can only think of one thing….

Artist’s Block

You would think that with the millions of ideas I always talk about on here that I should have no problem thinking of things to do for finals. ¬†Sorry to report, but in this case, you’re dead wrong. ¬†So as I got hit with a barrage of 4 creative finals for my studio classes, I also got hit with a nice serving of artist’s block. ¬†Just incase you don’t get it, it’s like writer’s block for artists ūüôā ¬†No matter what I did, or looked at, or researched, or read, nothing was coming to mind for the first two weeks of my final project work time. ¬†I didn’t think this would happen, especially since I have so many people here to help, but it did.

It was pretty nightmarish, in fact. ¬†I’ve worked incredibly hard over this entire semester, and have done pretty well, and now this. ¬†Am I going to ruin my good street over this stupid little bit of creative backup? ¬†Well, it’s over now, so I hope I didn’t. ¬†And for the one, solid, I’m-excited-for-this idea that I had….my model canceled. ¬†That’s a cancellation after I bough props, started making a dress, and made plans to go to the location. ¬†Blower. ¬†Oh well, I think things worked out in the end, though I’m confident that for at least two of my projects (one of which was photography, unfortunately) this was not my strongest work. ¬†Hopefully my hard work throughout the semester will keep me afloat (and by afloat I mean with an “a” in the class).

So to represent the sentiment of this artist’s block which has been tormenting me for the last nearly month now, here’s a fun little photos hoped image. ¬†With some old frames that were up in my apartment, and the handy ability to copy and paste nearly anything from online, here are my blank canvases. ¬†If you could have seen inside my mind over the last couple weeks, this is all the turning wheels were putting out. ¬†Not the best photoshopping, but that’s somewhat intentional. ¬†Since I haven’t done my best work due to this, and I’m so done with this semester, this is what it’s come down to.

But wouldn’t you know it….the ideas are flowing now :/ ¬†Enjoy!

blank canvas.jpg