A “Spooky” Biggest Fear

So as promised, I’m going to try to finish this year and 52 week challenge up with a bang!  So when thinking of what could fit in to these categories, a “spooky” week 44 and “biggest fear” of a week 45, which most likely were supposed to line up with Halloween, I can only think of one thing….

Artist’s Block

You would think that with the millions of ideas I always talk about on here that I should have no problem thinking of things to do for finals.  Sorry to report, but in this case, you’re dead wrong.  So as I got hit with a barrage of 4 creative finals for my studio classes, I also got hit with a nice serving of artist’s block.  Just incase you don’t get it, it’s like writer’s block for artists 🙂  No matter what I did, or looked at, or researched, or read, nothing was coming to mind for the first two weeks of my final project work time.  I didn’t think this would happen, especially since I have so many people here to help, but it did.

It was pretty nightmarish, in fact.  I’ve worked incredibly hard over this entire semester, and have done pretty well, and now this.  Am I going to ruin my good street over this stupid little bit of creative backup?  Well, it’s over now, so I hope I didn’t.  And for the one, solid, I’m-excited-for-this idea that I had….my model canceled.  That’s a cancellation after I bough props, started making a dress, and made plans to go to the location.  Blower.  Oh well, I think things worked out in the end, though I’m confident that for at least two of my projects (one of which was photography, unfortunately) this was not my strongest work.  Hopefully my hard work throughout the semester will keep me afloat (and by afloat I mean with an “a” in the class).

So to represent the sentiment of this artist’s block which has been tormenting me for the last nearly month now, here’s a fun little photos hoped image.  With some old frames that were up in my apartment, and the handy ability to copy and paste nearly anything from online, here are my blank canvases.  If you could have seen inside my mind over the last couple weeks, this is all the turning wheels were putting out.  Not the best photoshopping, but that’s somewhat intentional.  Since I haven’t done my best work due to this, and I’m so done with this semester, this is what it’s come down to.

But wouldn’t you know it….the ideas are flowing now :/  Enjoy!

blank canvas.jpg

Recreating a Famous Photo

Sigh….This week, I was so looking forward to, until I started researching.  As I search for ideas, my computer floods my screen with images of terrible things that have happened throughout history, and I’m at a loss for ideas.  I would love for my recreation to be something meaningful, something beautiful, but I’m not fond of the idea of recreating something which is a depiction of someone’s heartache or struggles.  So many times through my searching I’ve come across images of war, the holocaust, bombings, terrorist attacks, just terrible things.  And along side with that, and almost equally as terrible, are the completely overdone and all to frequently replicated images; The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album cover, the image of the woman with the striking eyes from the cover of National Geographic, a woman and her two children during the great depression.  All of which are wonderful images, greatly captured and holding a story from days past, but I can’t bring myself to do something that so many other people have done.

So I keep searching…

Maybe I’ll do a play on something a little more light-hearted — something from a movie, or from pop culture.  Maybe I’ll go with something that has a nostalgic feel, which is what I often lean towards.  Maybe I’ll take something that is overdone, and give it a creative twist, recreating it in my own way.  Who knows!  Guess we’ll all have to wait and see!

frustrated…but thinking