Hiding Your View

I know I know, I’m a little late in posting for the week, sorry!  Anyways, in working on this “hidden from view” theme, I thought I would take this opportunity to finish up a “self-portrait” project that I begun working on a few months ago.  For me, I think using a self-portrait is appropriate for a hidden theme;  I really don’t like taking self portraits, or “selfies”, so when I do, they’re usually of a weird view, or only include a portion of my face.  So to take it a bit deeper, much like when I meet people, it takes some time for me to really let my personality shine through and allow new people in.  Not quite sure why I do it, but it can make for some pretty awkward social interactions at times, admittedly, and I’m working on not worrying about it so much.  Sometimes it can be great to be the introvert, sit back, and observe people — people truly do divulge a plethora of information about themselves without even thinking about it, and I like being able to pick up on those small things.  I suppose that I can be rather transparent once I start talking about ideas, thoughts, passions, and so on, so I want to make sure that I can trust the person that I’m sharing things with, instead of just volunteering everything there is to know about me right off the bat.  I’m pretty complicated, to say the least, but not in a bad way.  I’ve been told that there are a lot of different aspects to my personality that I don’t make known at first glance, and I don’t think keeping it that way is a bad thing.  So there you have it; a partial view of me, and just a little more of my hidden insight.

Week 6: Hidden From View

Well, I have a bit of a dilemma this week.  I took an image recently, and that’s all I can think of when look at a “hidden” theme.  It’s like…a more naturalistic interpretation of “Where’s Waldo”.  Here, you can see what I’m talking about.

So, now that’s I’ve done this picture, especially so recently, I’m at a loss.  I think my problem is that in doing these weekly challenges, I may be taking things a little too literal.  I think I did an ok job last week in getting away from the exact literal interpretation of a mirrored image, and that may have to be the same type of approach that I take with this week’s challenge.  Well, guess I better get to the drawing board, and get thinking of some ideas!