Week 1: Self Portrait

Well what better way to start out the new year and the new challenge than by looking at myself. ¬†Oh, my favorite ūüėź ¬†Yes, I know you know, I kind of hate self portraits, but lucky for me I’m at the beach and with a good idea in hand! ¬†Well, I’m not at the beach, per se, but I am in Florida (woo hoo!), and went to the beach yesterday with the intentions of taking a “self portrait”.

So, like many of my other self portraits, this on is a little abstracted, if you will, and doesn’t show my face. ¬†When my friend was watching me shoot these, she was completely confused on how this constituted as a self portrait, but no where does it say that I have to take a picture of my face, does it? ¬†I suppose that’s what people typically think of, but when consulting my good ole friend, dictionary.com, it states that a portrait depicts “a likeness of a person, especially of the face, as a painting, drawing, or¬†photograph”…..but not specifically the face!

So with that, I happily took a few photos of myself, well, more specifically, my feet! ¬†You know I love the beach, and my toes in the sand, so I though, instead of torturing myself on vacation and trying to get a glamorous, gorgeous “selfie”, why not do something fun. ¬†So I snapped a couple pictures and ended up combining a few together. ¬†Photoshop is something that I really need to practice in, and not forget the little I have learned before the next semester starts in a couple weeks. ¬†So while I liked the bubbles and water of one image, I also liked all the little shells (coquina clams, or as I like to call them, baby clams) in another, and decided to join the two together to get the perfect little beach image. ¬†So enjoy! ¬†I had fun practicing, and hope that my composite isn’t too obvious. ¬†I’m happy with it, but I’ll keep practicing anyways ūüôā

bubbles and shells-2

Week 24: Shades of Grey

Lovely! ¬†This week I have a blank canvas, so to speak. ¬†I have enjoyed working through nearly half of this 52 week challenge, but what has been an unexpected challenge is how blocked I would be when working with specific themes. ¬†I suppose it’s good, and the purpose of this whole thing — not only do I have to constantly get out and shoot, but I also have to think out side of my own box. ¬†I’ve enjoyed some of the themes more than others, but beyond that, I have enjoyed working in ways I would have never thought of on my own.

Now, back to the good old stuff…

Working in shades of grey has me thinking of one thing — black and white photography! ¬†I mean, what else could it be? ¬†Ok, it could be a lot of things, and just as I’m typing it, I’m thinking of tons of ways to capture this theme without taking it so literally. ¬†But the one thing I’ve missed about working with film are the beautiful tones of the blacks, whites, and greys developing in the darkroom. ¬†And the smell? ¬†Yum, weird, I know, but I love it. ¬†Ok, so there are a lot of things I miss, but I digress… Even though I would love to, I can’t do a film project for this theme. ¬†Being out of school has been fun, and weird, but it’s also left me without the resource of a¬†dark room. ¬†So for this week, my digital files will just have to imagine they’re film, and my computer will become its own imaginary little darkroom.

I suppose this theme is coming at the opportune time… I am in a rather “grey” period of life….like a dark slate, thunderstorm, type of grey. ¬†So while I’ll be working in the spirit of the darkroom, I’m probably not going to produce any more of my happy little nature photographs again in the near future. ¬†And with that, I’m off to think, and to reminisce. ¬†Here’s another film project from a past class of mine. ¬†It was the first “story telling” type project that I worked with, and out of all the different ideas that I had, this was my favorite. ¬†I liked that it told a story in so many different ways, without actually saying anything direct. ¬†It allows¬†you to look at it and interpret it as your own story, and to me, it has many meanings, which is in a strange way kind of cathartic. ¬†Changing of seasons, passing of time, a year going by, life passing you by, standing still, running in circles, travel — just a few of the meanings this has to me, and, just a few of the things I’ve meditated on while looking at these photos. ¬†So enjoy, and feel free to leave me a note of what you think!