Flora and Fauna

Well I’m excited to say that one of my outreach efforts for a previous week’s business challenge was successful!  Back in February, I started looking around at galleries and shops that featured local artist, and for some juried shows to enter.  So I stumbled across the City of Bowie’s page, and found an upcoming exhibit which would be great for the type nature photography I do.  The exhibit is Flora and Fauna, and features work centering around the theme of nature, plants, and wildlife.  Although I was hesitant and nervous, since this is the first show that I’m entering work in that is not in collaboration with school, I entered the maximum number of photographs (three) hoping that I would at least get one in.  To my surprise, all three were accepted! 🙂  So today I dropped off my work, and help set up the gallery/display spaces, also another exciting first.  I have to say, it was also a great confidence boost when the ladies coordinating the show strongly encouraged me to up the prices of my work, since they said I was grossly under priced, and would be surprised if the pieces weren’t sold.  So here they are, and if you’re in the area, stop by and check them out.  They show will be open from now until mid June, so you have plenty of time to see my work, and all the other great work there as well!

Week 5: Mirrored Image

Well, this week has been off to a slow start.  I’ve officially started my last semester in school, which is bittersweet.  I’m so excited to be done, and even though I’ll only have an Associate degree, I’m happy with that.  I’m also really going to miss taking classes, since, let’s be real, someone without a job, and only working with crafty things and a slowly developing photography business (no pun intended….kinda) does not have the money for a 4-year university.  So my options are limited, but I’m still looking in to things, hopeful that I’ll be able to continue classes soon!

So I get to work on a mirrored image this week, and I want to do something a little out of the ordinary.  Not quite sure what that is yet, but I’m working on it.  I keep thinking of doing a reflection of a person, where one image has the opposite expression as the reflection, but I’m pretty sure that ideas like that have been well overdone.  Maybe I’ll do something along the lines of the image below, using water or drops in a way to play off of a reflection or catch a reflection.  I love how I caught this image; just as it was starting to rain and I was hanging out talking with a friend, I just stuck my hand out the window when I noticed the drops on the mirror, and there you have it.  It almost looks like the drops are falling into the palm of my hand — love the result!

Business wise, I have to organize my contacts, and still (sort of) play catch up from previous weeks.  Well, I suppose you could count this week’s task as done, since my list of contacts is non-existent, but perhaps I’ll be proactive in searching for vendors and contacts which I would like to use in the future.  And, as a progress report, I did reach out to a few vendors last week about showing my work in their shops, as well as for some juried art shows.  Wish me luck!  I’m hoping to hear something back soon!

Out of Focus

Finally!  I feel like I have this weeks challenge in the bag!  Out of focus is the theme for the photos, which could include anything from the entire image being out of focus, using a very shallow depth of field to have portions of the image blurred, or using bokeh.  Bokeh?  What is this magical photo word that I’ve seen all over the place and never bothered to look into?  Well, it simply means the blur in an image, either the entire photo or a portion.  When researching it, it seems that it is more specifically defined as the blurred effect of light entering the lens.  You can read up more about it here in an article from Nikon, which gives some good examples of both the play on light and different portions of objects as the image focal point.  Here are a couple of images that I’ve taken in the past that fit the criteria of “out of focus”, though I do plan to take more images this week!

As for the business challenge, the task this week is to start a blog….::looks around::…yes!  Done!  I have to admit, I did cheat a little by looking ahead at what the business tasks were going to be, but I’m glad I did.  This way I’ve had a way to document everything that I’ve been working on so far, and I wouldn’t feel the need to play catch up in posting the first three week’s work this week.  I suppose I can spend this week not only shooting photos, but catching up on the business tasks that I didn’t do from week 2 & 3.  I will reach out to photographers, and for last week, I will reach out to vendors!  I have a couple in mind already, so wish me luck!


Looking in to the objective for week 2, interpreting a song, I’m flooded with thoughts of all of my favorite songs and bands over the years.  My music taste is somewhat all over the place, and I’m jumping from classic rock to classical, to alternative, to newer songs, whatever genre you would call them, but I keep circling back to one song in particular.  I’m excited to complete this challenge, because it’s allowing me to combine both of my loves: art and music.

Speaking to the business side of this challenge, I haven’t forgotten about you!  Week one’s task was to start a project, to which I decided to start an ongoing project of locating and signing up for craft & art fairs to get out there a little more!  Week 2 has me getting out there yet again; I have to do a photographer outreach.  I think the business side of this is definitely the more difficult list of tasks, as I’m a pretty big introvert, and a lot of these tasks are causing me to get way out of my comfort zone.  Oh well, it will be good for me 🙂

Anyways, off to work on my photo assignment.  Here’s a “preview” of my idea, sort of.  A shot from an old film photography project that keeps coming to mind when thinking of my song interpretation photo.

The 52 Week Challenge

So, I’m not one for lists, or “challenges” for that matter, but I stumbled upon an article by Jenna Martin, and this one actually seemed pretty interesting.

Not only does this challenge present some pretty fun ideas for photography projects, but it will have me working on some aspects of my slowly developing business as well. And what better way to make sure I’m shooting more frequently, right? So check back soon — I already have a few ideas for the first week!