2016-02-15 02.53.53-1

that’s me!

Hi, I’m Rachel.  After 10 plus years of working in an industry that I really didn’t care for, and taking every curvy, bumpy road on the way, I’ve ended up here — making a new start in my career and life.  I’ve always loved the arts, and I’m not going to suppress that anymore.  It may be illogical, and it may be irresponsible, but it’s also going to be pretty awesome 🙂

I’m a photographer, musician, artist, cupcake maker, jewelry maker….you name it and it’s artsy, I’ll probably like it.  I’ve got a lot of little things going on, but this is going to focus on my photography, and the progression of my work.  Feel free to check out my side projects with the links below, and feel free to leave some feedback and comments!  Hope you enjoy what I have to offer here!





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