Ding Ding! Round Two

So I’ve finally decided what challenge I’ll be doing for 2016!  I liked the one I did last year, so why not switch it up a bit and go with someone new.  This one is structured a little different, so check it out here, and below.  This one is through Dogwood Photography, and I found it through a quick google search.  If you’re interested in doing one, follow along, or search for another one that you may like better!  Jenna Martin, the creator of last year’s 52 week challenge, also created another list, which you can find here.  Her challenge includes weekly business challenges as well, which I pretty much failed at last year.  It’s good stuff, though, so I may be popping back and forth between the two challenges if I’m lacking inspiration for a week.  I hope you join me! 🙂


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