Week 50: Perfection

So, I’m skipping a couple weeks.  I’ve got a few ideas for the other two themes, but it’s been raining non stop, and since I don’t have the great lighting that my apartment had, I have to wait until the doom and gloom weather is gone.  Either way, with the new year tick-tocking its way closer, I’m running out of time!  So here’s what I’ve got.


Yes, cookies.  I mean, with the Christmas spirit still in the air, and the leftover cookies still around to munch on, what else could be more perfect for this week’s theme?  So while decorating my favorite cookies, swizzle sticks, with my aunt, I decided to snap a few pics of the process.  They’re cute, fun little pictures, but I like them.  She was a little annoyed, but oh well, she knows all about my photography, and put up with it even when I should have been helping.  I also love these cookies, and she only makes them once a year, so this truly is my confection perfection.

When people ask how to make these, or why we don’t make them more often, all I can do is explain that this is not your normal cookie.  Making these begins a whole cookie making process which is not for the baking beginner.  So they’re special, and take forever to make, but they’re worth it!  Enjoy the pics, and I might just help myself to another swizzle stick 🙂

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