Week 37: Leading Lines

Oh, what terrible neglect I’ve been showing you!  So sorry!  When people said that I was going to be busy with school I thought, “well, it can’t be worse than what I was doing before”.  When my advisor told me that taking six classes and working on top of that was going to be a lot to manage, I thought, “I’ve done it before, how hard can it be?”  Hard.  Real hard.  I’ve had only blinks of sleep over the past few weeks and have been constantly working on things —  papers, photos, sculptures, videos, readings, discussion posts, essays.  You name it, I’ve done a million things over the last month, and it’s been crazy!

Still, even with all the craziness, I’m happy.  When things start to get a little hectic and overwhelming, I just have to remind myself of all the things I would have been doing had I not left my previous job.  My friend, and fellow escapee, have a saying when we’re complaining over something that’s not worth complaining over:  “at least it’s not (enter former employer name here)!”  And with that thought, I’m not only back on track, but I’m snickering to myself as if I’m getting away with something.

I am

…and it’s great.

So with that, let’s get on topic, shall we?

“Leading Lines” is the theme for….well, was the theme for a few weeks ago.  Thankfully, I had the foresight to check the outline of what all the weekly topics were.  Though I didn’t get a chance to think of or work with any conceptual ideas, I did do something that’s a little out of the ordinary for me.  I tried to just snap some photos of “everyday lines” as I saw them throughout my daily routines.  Even though I’m in an art school, and am surrounded by artists every day, it’s still a little weird just pulling out my camera and taking pictures of whatever random person or thing I see that’s interesting.  I need to get over it, I know, I’m trying.  I also need to have my camera on me pretty much at all times; some of these were taken with my phone, simply because of that.  So as I went though my days over the past few weeks, I tried to keep my eyes peeled for interesting lines.

I think I did a fair job of seeking out lines, considering the fact that I barely had a chance to breathe.  I’m happy with the fact that I was able to have this thought in mind (for much longer than I should have), and just saw things that would apply without directly searching for them.  I suppose walking around in new places and doing new things certainly helped in this — I’m much more analytical of new places than of familiar ones when I’m thinking of photographic ideas.  On the other hand, I did snap a shot or two at home that applied to this theme, so that’s another positive.  Trying new things, and evaluating old ones to see them from a different perspective.  So enjoy the photos!

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