I took a little bit of a different path with the homemade theme this week.  Instead or working with a craft or some other creation, I went to a recipe.  Yep, food — what I always think of when I think “homemade”, but never really focus on it as a project or a subject.  I was originally thinking that I would make something that I always make; a family recipe, or some cookies, or cupcakes.  Instead, though it is an easy recipe, I tried something new to me.

Caprese salad — Yum!  This is a dish which I have loved for a long time, but for some reason, I never make it!  I’ll order it, and pretty much any variation of it when I see it on a menu, but have never taken the time to make it for myself.  Not like it’s very complicated or time-consuming, but I suppose it was just one of those special little dishes that I would always eat while treating myself on a night out, or while in a special place or restaurant.

So with my crazy gardening parents, I was in luck when we got back from our family vacation this past weekend.  The tomatoes in the garden have been in full bloom for the last few weeks, so we’ve been enjoying them for some time.  To my surprise, the basil that my mother planted for me had also grown over the week while we were gone.  When she told me she planted it for me, I had dreams of pesto pasta and things like that, but with all these tomatoes around, I couldn’t think of anything better to make.  To be honest, I was actually sick of tomatoes with how many we’ve been eating over the past week.  But what can I say, tomato overload or tomato drought, I love this dish, and will always eat it.  So with a few simple ingredients, I had a great little salad for lunch, and plenty more growing for future meals.

These images were fun to capture, and I enjoyed working with them in different ways.  It was nice taking some very simplistic photographs of each individual part of this salad, then taking some more artistic views of the completed dish.  Using plain white plates, I felt like quite the little food photographer.  So enjoy the photos, because I certainly enjoyed the salad. 🙂

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