Week 30: Self Portrait

Wow.  It seems pretty crazy to be typing “week 30” already.  This year seems to have gone by too fast and not fast enough at the same time.  Just today I was thinking about how much of summer is already gone.  Have to make the most out of the warm weather before it’s gone!

Anyways, back to the topic at hand….unfortunately.

Self Portraits.  That’s what I am tasked with, and I’m not trilled about it.  To say that the self portrait is the least favorite subject I could depict, weather it be photography, painting, drawing, or any other medium, would be an understatement.  I cringed when we were instructed that self portraits would be our first project in my digital photo class.  We all grumbled as we repeatedly worked on self portraits in preparation for our final in my drawing class.  I about hit my head on the desk when we were instructed to completed yet another self portrait project in design.  I truly despise them.  Yet, as ironically as it may seem, I feel like you all have been privy to quite a few of them.  Though some images may be abstract, you’ve seen version of my self portraits in week 24, week 6, week 19, and even in week 18.  I suppose when necessary I will utilize the self portrait to convey my message.  Something about that makes it much more enticing than being instructed to complete a picture of myself for a project.

So I haven’t at all decided what I’m planning for this week.  Part of me wants to simply complete the project as many would interpret it and take some pictures of myself.  I never do, and this would be a good way to break that barrier.  The other part of me wants to keep with the theme of just portions of myself; hands, eyes, feet, profiles, etc.  Yet another part wants to take this in a completely new or abstracted way, photographing myself in a way I never have before, or simply photographing items which would capture the essence of me.  I suppose you’ll see when I figure things out.

In the meanwhile, I’ll leave you with one of the afore-mentioned school projects.  In the design class I took, all of our projects, with the exception of the final, were completed in black and white.  While the majority of our work was done with paint, pen, and pencil, we were lucky enough to have the option of any medium while completing the self portrait project.  Since my teacher was already aware that I was a photographer, we both knew that was going to be my go-to.  The objective was to use different values of light and dark to show two different sides of yourself, or two different personality traits.  In the end, this turned out to be one of my more favorite projects.  Once the images I selected were reworked into black and white, I loved the final result, and how the light worked in both images.  Perhaps I’ll have to keep these positive results in mind while working on this weeks project.  Enjoy.

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