Telling a Story

Well, by now I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that another model didn’t work out, but I’m telling you anyways.  I had a really interesting idea planned out for the “blending in” theme, but things didn’t work out, so I’m just storing that idea for another time.  With all the problems I’ve had in hashing out my ideas, I’m still holding on to the hope that I’ll be able to get my, now three, incomplete projects done in all one go, whenever that may be.

Since the original idea didn’t go as planned, I decided to look through the archives to see if there were any photos which I could use for this week.  Going through some old film, I discovered that there was a projected that I completed for my first photography class which I never got to develop, so I decided to work on those!  Hooray for finally seeing their final result, albeit it was done digitally as opposed to in the darkroom (I miss you, darkroom!).  One of the best gifts that my brother gave to my mom for Christmas was a film scanner thing, which I “borrowed”….for a very long time.  My biggest fear when I started working with film, and really loving the process and results, was that the actual film seemed so delicate and precious to me.  Digitally, I have learned to have photos stored in multiple places, so my worries are somewhat at ease.  But film — it’s a whole other beast!  Well, maybe not beast…I think of the negatives as these little irreplaceable treasures which I have to guard with my life!  Even though my mother has tons of photo albums and negatives at her house, and it’s nothing new to have that as the only means of “memories”, I’m completely paranoid about something happening to my work.  So thanks, bro, for getting mom (me) that present :).

Since I’m on the subject of family, that’s what this project is actually about!  The technical assignment was to tell a story, or complete a type of documentary or timeline of an event.  I shot several different types of “stories” for this one project, and ultimately ended up working with a different set of negatives.  Unfortunately, since it was our final project for the semester, I didn’t have the opportunity to work on these.  I suppose, in retrospect, I should be glad that my work was more conceptual rather than literal when completing a “story” project, as well as be glad for the fact that my model didn’t work out for the past week.

So in this “story”, I took a look at my family, and the story that could be told through looking at us; our connection, our similarities, and our differences.  Ever since I was little, people told me that I was the spitting image of my mother, and on more than one occasion have confused me for a sister to her and my aunt.  It used to drive me crazy, and for some reason, still bugs me a little (someone even said it to me just today!).  I joke(d) and say I’m adopted (my dad is blonde, my mom has black hair, and I have brown…I don’t have either of their eye color, so on), but clearly I was just a combination of my parents.  Over the recent years, I began to develop an interest in this concept.  I never saw it before, or maybe never wanted to, but I can see the similarities now.  It’s pretty fascinating, when you think of it, of how closely you can resemble your immediate family members.  What’s even more interesting is just how different each individual in your family can be.  Some families can be extremely close-knit, sharing all of the same ideals, values, and personalities.  Others, can be polar opposites, bordering enemies, if you will.  I would say we’re clearly just a mix of everything; having our disagreements at times, but we love one another, and are there when it counts….pretty much all of the time.  I’m thankful for that, and I know I’m lucky, even if they drive me crazy.  So, if the eyes are the windows to the soul, take a glimpse in to who we are, and maybe you’ll see how we’re all different, yet all the same.

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