Week 17: Bookworm

It’s been a crazy week!  With the semester winding down and final projects wrapping up, I’m so thankful for the relaxing weekend I’ve hand, and that I got a chance to sneak in this shoot at the last minute.  It’s really hard to believe just how fast the last 2 1/2 years have gone by, how much has changed, that I’ll be graduating with my associate’s degree from PGCC this spring, and will most likely be jumping right in to another 2-3 years of school to get my bachelor’s, with a minor…and maybe a master’s.  I could really use a chance to zone out and become what the theme for this week is: bookworm.  Side note, here’s an interesting fact: did you know that “bookworm” doesn’t only refer to one who loves reading, but an actual book-eating-worm (well, bug) as well? I always assumed it was just an expression, nothing more, but I guess I was wrong.  It’s a little unsettling, but nice, in a weird way, as well.  If you don’t know by now, I loved the old and abandoned, and these insects certainly give an interesting look to the books the inhabit.  Here, just look at the google results for “bookworm damage” (because if you just type in “bookworm”, you’ll get games and all kinds of stuff, even though the randomness of the internet takes over this search term as well, the first couple pictures will give you the idea).  I am, however, a little wary of the old books that I have lying around for cyanotype projects, and would hate for them to be destroyed by these bugs.  Guess I should perform some examinations for safe measures.  In regards to what I was saying about becoming a bookworm, dont’ worry, I don’t want to become a bug and eat books, just want a chance to relax and unwind.

So when thinking of this week’s project, I tried to portray the feeling I have when I’m completely divulged in a good book.  For me, as well as for many others, I’m sure, I feel as if I’m taken away to this imaginary fantasy land.  Whatever is going on around me is almost not there, and I have such vivid imagery from the words that I’m reading that it’s like almost watching a movie conjured up in my mind.  I picture the places, the characters, and their voices.  So I wanted to convey that type of mood, of being completely relaxed, and in a dream-like state.  So thanks to my favorite little “model”, and her quickly sprouting back yard, I think we were able to achieve just that.  So relax, enjoy, and think of the next good book that you’ll dive in to.  I have mine in mind, but that will have to wait until my two final projects are completed.  Only one more week!

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