Total Eclipse of the…Wha?

When I started this week’s photos, I didn’t realize that my experience would be a close call of its own.  I was thinking of taking pictures of the lunar eclipse, which was supposed to be viewable in my area just as the Sun was coming up.  After being up way too late last night, and reading the weather report multiple times to discover that it was most likely going to be cloudy, I decided that it would still be a great idea to wake up before the sunrise and try to snap some pictures of the eclipse.  Since my area would only be able to see a partial eclipse, while other areas of the US would have been able to see the full eclipse, I thought that would be a good example of a close call — just a little farther (ok, maybe a lot farther) to the west and I would have been able to capture it all.

To my surprise, and disappointment, the weather report has been incredibly accurate this year.  We actually got snow, and a lot of it, when it was forecasted, and the bi-polar weather patterns of a Maryland spring were, and still are,  true to their nature.  Unfortunately for today, the clouds stuck around, just as expected.  Looks like my close call was more along the lines of an “April Fools” as opposed to a “lucky 13”.

On the plus side, I was able to drive around the government farms as the sun was coming up, wich was great, except for the fact that it’s a little creepy around there before the sun comes up.  If you’ve never heard of the Goat Man, you should look him up.  The government farms are infamously known for their questionable experiments on livestock and who knows what else.  There was a cow with a glass stomach which was often on display, and the most famous story of all is that of Goat Man.  A science experiment gone awry when taking half goat and half man and some how freakishly combining them, Goat Man escaped, and is rumored to be roaming the government farms.  Lucky for me, I didn’t have an encounter with him this morning, and got a few lovely shots of the farms and some of the old farm type houses on the property.  Maybe one of these little houses belongs to him…

So here’s my close call for the week.  Guess the clouds had it out for me, and I’ll just have to wait until September until the next full lunar eclipse comes around.  Catch you on the flip side, moon.

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