Of the Shadows

I suppose I’m eating my words at this moment.  I know I said I wouldn’t be doing the typical, over-done type silhouette, but once I put it out there, I wasn’t able to get it out of my mind.  On the other hand, after looking through my photos this week for other silhouette photos, it seems like “over-done” in my collection would be nature, beach, trees, etc.  I’m going to twist that in to saying that doing the classic back-lit figure silhouette isn’t over done…in my case 🙂  Either way, I’m much happier this week in doing photos focused on dark elements as opposed to light elements.  I prefer the darker, mysterious, “hidden aspect” type photo to the lighter and transparent one.

These shots were a little challenging, but I’m happy with the final results.  Getting enough lighting set up when you only have living room/side table lamps to work with was probably the greatest difficulty.  You would think in photos where you don’t need to see anything but a blacked out figure as your subject you wouldn’t need that much light, but I was quickly corrected.  Happily, we added much more lighting, which gave some nice little details on the figure for some of the images, which I actually enjoy more than the true silhouette images.  Editing the photos were a close second in things of difficulties with this shoot.  We were both exhausted, and wanted to make quick work of this shoot (though, nothing is ever “quick”, per sey, when working on my projects), so we were a little careless when thinking out what was going on in the background.  Having a full backdrop, and being prepared with proper lighting are definitely two things on my list before attempting a shoot like this again, though I would love to give it another try.  Thanks to my friend for practically rearranging her whole house to do this, as well as for being my awesome model!  I’m happy to say that these photos have a little twist on the assignment of “silhouettes”.  Though some are true silhouettes, with the figure completely blacked out, others were completed with more of a touch of “low-key”, wich is something I’ve been wanting to experiment with.  Once I get the lighting and set up in order for future shoots, I’ll have to see if I can twist my friend’s arm to do another shoot with me.  Until then, enjoy our first collaborative effort of silhouetted figures.

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