Is It Spring Yet?

Well, technically, it will be tomorrow.

Really, this weather couldn’t be more appropriate for describing my feelings in waiting for warmer weather.  One day it’s beautiful and Spring is right on the horizon, and the next, it’s snowing….like how Friday is supposedly going to be.  Just yesterday it was 60 degrees!  I’m on a roller-coaster ride with as many peeks and valleys as highs and lows in the forecast.  It was wonderful going outside with just a t-shirt and jeans, but it looks like Mother Nature will have me bundling up a few more times before she truly lets it warm up.

In anticipation of Spring, I did a little project for my color theory class based on the changing of the seasons and nature.  Though the objective was to take pairings of images to show simultaneous contrast, to my surprise, some of the individual images turned out pretty well.  I was just snapping away quickly, trying to get what feels like the 100th project on the subject completed so we can move on in the class.  So because I’m so sick of the subject, I’m not posting the pairs, rather, the better of the pairing.  So enjoy this springy surprise, and hopefully these flowers will be blooming soon, as opposed to me going to the grocery store to buy them 🙂

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