A Cold, Red, Surprise

Ok, so I slacked a little, well a lot, on the red project for last week.  I was thinking something along the lines of a Valentine’s day theme, but that really didn’t interest me.  Then….a great idea struck….but I don’t have the resources to do it!  I need a model, which is always tough to come by, particularly for this type of picture.  I also would want to sculp something ceramic, but don’t really know where to go for that, since it’s been a million years since I’ve worked with clay.  I’ll be working on it, but who knows when I’ll get a chance to do it, so maybe you’ll all get a “red” surprise some time later this year when I get a chance to do it!

So as a back up, since I ditched the v-day idea, was going to be to take pictures of some berries on this tree outside of my apartment.  I’ve photographed them before, but they’re just so cute, and perfect for the red theme.  Here are a few of the old pics.

It’s just the start of spring, and I think that’s why I like them so much!  So, again, with out my camera handy the other day, I headed out for class (when am I going to learn my lesson?).  I noticed a ton of these berries on the ground, and could hear birds chirping like crazy.  As I walked down the stairs I noticed that the trees were filled with robins.  So I pulled out my phone and tried to catch a few quick pics during their berry feeding frenzy.  They’re not the best pictures in the world, since they were after all taken with my phone, but you get the idea!  It was a nice surprise to see all these birds fluttering around, and I’m sure they were happy to find a good meal amidst all of the snowy weather we’ve been having lately.  Oh, and just to mention, all of the berries are gone now!  I guess they were hungry 🙂

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