Week 7: Red

Red.  It’s the color of love and passion.  The color of blood.  it’s vibrant, bold, attention grabbing, and so many more things.  It’s also the color that’s the focus of this week’s photo challenge.  I have some cute and playful ideas in mind, and assuming that this color was selected for the most recent holiday, Valentine’s day, I’m going to keep it in theme with that…sort of.  So I’m going to have fun with this week, and take the added time I’ll have to focus on the business side of this week’s challenge: marketing brainstorm.  I think I’ll take the approach of finishing up on a previous week’s project, in reaching out to vendors and galleries.  I sent a few emails before, and to be real, it wasn’t as much as I could have done.  So I’m really going to get out there, see what events are coming up, and apply!  So wish me luck, and in the meanwhile, enjoy a couple of “red” images that I’ve taken in the past!

2 thoughts on “Week 7: Red

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