Tiz Past The Season For The Lights to Still Be Out

So I thought I would have some fun with this week’s assignment.  I often shoot my photos using a shallow depth of field, blurring much of the picture field, so this was not something new for me.  What was new, however, was the use of “bokeh”, or the play on light entering the lens.  I’ve gotten lucky with some of these effects in the past, and have even intentionally done it with some of my sunset/sunrise pictures in the past when it catches my eye through the lens, but have never really thought as to why it was happening.  Now that I know about it, I guess, I wanted to play with it.

Here they are.  Plugged in a waiting in the piano room.


Lucky for me, my parent’s aren’t so great at putting things away…like the Christmas decorations for instance.  There were a few strings of lights just sitting around in the living room, so I thought I would put them to good, artistic use, and have some fun with them!


I started off with just one image that fit the bill of “out of focus”  copying the above image, but just blurring the focus — you have just enough information to be able to tell that you’re looking at Christmas lights, but can’t quite make out any of the details.  Then I moved on to what I call the “classic bokeh” that I’ve seen through my researching over the past week. I Love how playful and colorful the lights shine through the lens, leaving the viewer completely unaware of what the source was.  Then I thought I would go to something which was a little more familiar to me; shooting in a shallow depth of field.  I loved the effect when shooting the Christmas lights in the darkened room — you’re able to get a combination of a strong focus in part of the image, with the blurred portion of the image having that lovely bokeh effect.  I shot nearly all of the images at an f/5, which made achieving this effect in only a portion of the image very easy.  Check them out!

As for the business assignments, I guess I’ve made a little progress throughout the week, but still have some work to do.  I’ve done some research into businesses which feature local artists’ work on a monthly basis, and will be reaching out to them — tomorrow!  I promise!  I’m excited, and at the same time nervous, about this.  Hopefully they like my work, and I can get things going!  I’ll also be at a craft fair a week from today, so that will be another great way to spread the word that I’m “open for business”!  If you’re in the area, come see me (you can read about the info here).

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