Recreating a Famous Photo

Sigh….This week, I was so looking forward to, until I started researching.  As I search for ideas, my computer floods my screen with images of terrible things that have happened throughout history, and I’m at a loss for ideas.  I would love for my recreation to be something meaningful, something beautiful, but I’m not fond of the idea of recreating something which is a depiction of someone’s heartache or struggles.  So many times through my searching I’ve come across images of war, the holocaust, bombings, terrorist attacks, just terrible things.  And along side with that, and almost equally as terrible, are the completely overdone and all to frequently replicated images; The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album cover, the image of the woman with the striking eyes from the cover of National Geographic, a woman and her two children during the great depression.  All of which are wonderful images, greatly captured and holding a story from days past, but I can’t bring myself to do something that so many other people have done.

So I keep searching…

Maybe I’ll do a play on something a little more light-hearted — something from a movie, or from pop culture.  Maybe I’ll go with something that has a nostalgic feel, which is what I often lean towards.  Maybe I’ll take something that is overdone, and give it a creative twist, recreating it in my own way.  Who knows!  Guess we’ll all have to wait and see!

frustrated…but thinking

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