Looking in to the objective for week 2, interpreting a song, I’m flooded with thoughts of all of my favorite songs and bands over the years.  My music taste is somewhat all over the place, and I’m jumping from classic rock to classical, to alternative, to newer songs, whatever genre you would call them, but I keep circling back to one song in particular.  I’m excited to complete this challenge, because it’s allowing me to combine both of my loves: art and music.

Speaking to the business side of this challenge, I haven’t forgotten about you!  Week one’s task was to start a project, to which I decided to start an ongoing project of locating and signing up for craft & art fairs to get out there a little more!  Week 2 has me getting out there yet again; I have to do a photographer outreach.  I think the business side of this is definitely the more difficult list of tasks, as I’m a pretty big introvert, and a lot of these tasks are causing me to get way out of my comfort zone.  Oh well, it will be good for me 🙂

Anyways, off to work on my photo assignment.  Here’s a “preview” of my idea, sort of.  A shot from an old film photography project that keeps coming to mind when thinking of my song interpretation photo.

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